Updating Safety Drills in FinalSite

View this video for an idea of what this process from start to finish looks like. (Shortened)
Full Version with complete details

Navigate to https://www.midlandps.org/admin
Login using your email address, if you are having a problem logging in contact the helpdesk so a ticket can be submitted and an account can be created for you ASAP. 
On the left rail click the feather tile, second from the top
Click the top tile "Pages"
Navigate and click your building
The biggest difference between FinalSite and SchoolPointe is how to find and update web pages 
The structure in FinalSite is much different but easier to navigate. It follows the navigation tree the website follows - for example - if you want to update Siebert's Safety Drills page, you would log into Finalsite, click pages, then click the expand button to expand to see Siebert's links and menus. If you wanted to update handbooks, you could just click handbooks. For Safety Drills first, you'll click Resources to expand the options to click from just like when you're navigating the website looking for information. Please feel free to reach out to Abby Young or the Communications team with any questions, concerns, or issues at communications@midlandps.org.

Most buildings have their safety drills page listed in two places "Resources" and "Quick Links" both links now point to the same page, so there is only one page to update. If you click the Safety Drills Page under Quick Links but see a blank page with a "This page will redirect to Safety Drill Information." either click the Safety Drill Information link to be taken to the actual page (I recommend) or navigate to Resources and Click the "Safety Drill Page" to edit. 

When you get to the page to edit if it looks like a page in preview mode that you can not edit you might need to click the "Compose" Toggle at the bottom of the page. (In the full video version)

Mouse over the center of the text box where you see content to enable the editor. A blue box should pop up in the left corner that says "Edit Content" when you mouse over it. 

From here this should start looking familiar. The editor is very similar to SchoolPointe's from this point on. 
In the text box under "2022 - 2023 Safety Drills" type the date of the drill then take your mouse and highlight those words you just typed

Click the chain link icon next to the formatting options 
Click "Add Link to Resource"

This will pop up the file server where you can upload the safety drill information you exported from Raptor. 
To do this Find your building under "Public" 
Click to expand it
Click the Green Public Resource button with the arrow - this will take you to upload a file from your computer
After you select your document, you will get to preview it and then hit save, and you'll be taken back to the page and editor with the file attached to the words

Scroll down the editor to see Cancel or Save, click save then at the very bottom of the window you'll see "Publish" click publish then a pop-up with appear, and then you'll click "Publish Now" 

You can either click the eyeball next to publish to view the live page and make sure the correct document is linked, or you can navigate and click on the safety drills. 

Please feel free to reach out to Abby or the Communications Team at communications@midlandps.org with any questions or concerns. 

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