Elem Stem Studio (Makerspace) 3D Printers

Directions for printing from a USB Flash Drive

Teacher step: Need to go to the MPS Software Center - Download Makerbot Print Software

Teacher step: Create a Makerbot account - Go to https://my.makerbot.com/

Student or teacher step: Create projects using Tinkercad and log in with their Google Account

Student or teacher step: Save Tinkercad projects to a flash drive

Student step: Share the project on the flashdrive with the teacher 

Teacher step:  Open Markerbot Print program.  log into Makerbot account, insert the flash drive with the student's project, open the student project in the Markerbot Print program, go to File > Export as or File > save as, to save the project to prepare for printing (puts this in the Makerbot printing file format (*.print)). Make sure you save the .print file back on the flashdrive.

After the project file is prepared for printing, insert the flash drive in the Makerbot printer

The printer will show a message prompt to allow printing. 

The teacher will press the button/follow the prompt on the printer to print


Network Printing Directions

Coming soon


Makerbot support pages related to this process

 Export as or File save as.  https://support.makerbot.com/learn/makerbot-print-software/using-makerbot-print/how-to-save-a-model_13588  

Direction for printing from a flash drive on the printer https://support.makerbot.com/learn/makerbot-replicatorplus/control-panel/print_13599

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