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Pinned Article Ticket Prioritization

This article forms the basis for prioritizing tickets for the IT Team.

Android Tablet & Reflector 4 - Mirroring Android Tablet

These instructions show how to mirror a Samsung Android Tablet using Reflector 4.

Connecting a Personal Apple Device to Your MPS Google Account

This article instructs in how to install the Google Account on one's Apple mobile device. This does not in any way grant the district access to your personal information on your device. It is an app that keeps your personal and work data separate and allows the district to distribute work apps and protect district data.

Current Tablet Setup process

Basic setup guide for MPS Android tablets.

Detailed Summary: How to use Swivl Teams to live stream using Google Meet & Teacher laptop (updated 9-6-21)

Step by Step Instructions with screenshots - How to use Swivl, tablet and Google Meet to live stream