How to change your MPS Password

Password rules
 Your password must...
 -Be a minimum length of eight characters including at least one number AND one special character &!@$#%()<>
 -Not be a dictionary word or proper name.
 -Not be the same as your username.
 -Not be identical to the previous ten passwords.

Your password should never be given out to anyone. When changing your password you will also need to update that password where it is used to connect a device to the Midland Public Schools WiFi network (For example your cell phone.)

By using this process, you will be changing your MPS standard password, including your computer login password, and any system that uses this standard password.  Systems that use your MPS standard include, but are not limited to, Google, Microsoft Online, Clever, Teacher Access Center, Employee Access Center, eFinancePlus, and eSchoolPlus.

  1. If you have any mobile devices (MPS owned or personal) connected to any of the MPS wireless networks, you need to go into the WiFi settings of the device and forget the MPS wireless network.

  2. Go to the MPS Reset Password tool

  3. Input your username

  4. Input your old password

  5. Input your new password

  6. Confirm your new password

  7. Select Submit

  8. Don't forget to add the wireless network back to your tablet or personal device

  9. If you use a Password Management application, such as LastPass, don't forget to update your passwords in this application

Additional directions for student Chromebooks

  1. Sign out of the Chromebook after you have changed your password
  2. Log into the Chromebook using your new password
  3. You will be prompted to enter your most recent previous password
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