Ticket Prioritization

The technology department does not work on issues until there is a ticket. We discourage contacting Systems Engineers and Systems Analysts directly. Doing so severely inhibits our ability to respond to situations, especially during emergencies. Please submit tickets by selecting Submit a Ticket after logging into our Service Desk Portal.

Ticket priority is determined by two factors: impact and urgency. Impact is a measure of the extent of the interruption to business that is caused by the incident and/or the potential damage caused by the incident until it is resolved. Urgency is a measure of how quickly a resolution of the incident is required. 

Please use the How many people are affected (Impact) and How is work affected (Urgency) ticket fields as a guide to determine priority. In most cases, these two fields will determine the priority.

Priority Definitions


  • The ticket has a high impact and urgency (e.g. M.Co.Net-wide, district-wide, or building-wide/multiple building problem. Someone is injured. Our Internet connection is down.)
  • Mission-critical systems or processes have halted. (e.g. payroll, domain controller)
  • Verified security incident. (e.g. active phishing, malware, virus, etc.)
  • Once a ticket is entered and verified as an emergency status, it must remain in the emergency status until it's resolved.
  • If a ticket is reviewed and determined to not be an emergency, the status must be changed to the appropriate priority.


  • The ticket is a low impact district-wide, multiple building, or building-wide problem.
  • The ticket involves high urgency customers. (e.g. Admin Council, Administrative Assistant, Agenda Team)
  • The ticket involves an entire lab.


  • The ticket involves a lab computer.
  • The ticket involves a service for a department or classroom.
  • The ticket involves a printer.
  • The ticket involves a customer's primary use computer.


  • The ticket is for work on nice-to-have items vs need-to-have items.
  • The ticket is a service request and does not interrupt service. (e.g. Price Quote, Computer Setup, Computer Redeploy, Computer Move)
Please use Urgency versus Impact to determine the proper Priority Code.
    A building, multiple buildings, or the district are Impacted A group or department are impacted An individual is impacted
Urgency  Cannot work at all 1 2 3
Can work but is inconvenienced 2 3 4
Work is not impacted 3 4 4


Please choose the priority using the priority code in the table above and use it in the ticket.

Priority Code Description Target Response Time Target Resolution Time
1 Emergency 1 hour 8 hours
2 High 4 hours 16 hours
3 Medium 16 hours 40
4 Low 32 hours 80 hours
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