Student Off-Boarding


Email Account Management

Review and change your email address to a personal or professional address. This must be done on or before June 30.

Create a personal or professional email account.

Login to the applicable websites to change your email account preferences from your school email address to your new email account address. Do not wait until May to start this process. It will take longer than you think to change all of them.


File Management

Refer to the instructions here for backing up the following files to take with you:

  • U Drive - Copy files to Google Drive then use Google Takeout
  • Google Files - Google Takeout
  • Microsoft 365/OneDrive - Go into OneDrive. Select the files and folders you want to keep. Download them to your computer, upload to Google Drive, then use Google Takeout to backup your files.
  • Email - Use Google Takeout


Backing up your files

Google Takeout - Google Takeout is a service used to copy everything from one Google Drive and Gmail account to move to another service or save on your own system.


Devices and Student ID Badges

Return district-owned technology devices and student identification badges on or before the collection date designated by your building.


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