M-STEP Troubleshooting, Preparing for the M-STEP and Tips

Update Chrome OS

The Chromebook should be updated before testing. The Chromebook updates when it is shut down and powered back on. Simply closing the cover is not enough. The Chromebook must be powered off and back on.

Please use this guide to check the Chromebook operating version and ensure the operating system is current.


M-STEP Device Tips

  1. Students must shut down and restart their Chromebooks the day of or the day before testing.
  2. Students should fully recharge their Chromebooks the night before testing.
  3. Students must bring their Chromebook power cords to the test room.
  4. The most common issues in the test room:
    • Not logging into the correct test platform. (For example, attempting to log into Online Tools Training instead of the M-STEP test or into MI-Access instead of M-STEP, etc.) Test tickets only work for the test listed on the test ticket. (Another issue is incorrectly entering the username and password . . . It is permissible to enter the username and password for a student who needs assistance.)
    • Incorrect screen resolution (Screen resolution should be set at 100%)
    • International keyboard (Chromebooks must be set to US Keyboard)


Chromebook Screen Resolution

Error: Your client failed the Readiness Check. (…) Your session has been ended because your client is not supported.

Quick Fix:

  1. Exit DRC Insight to get to the Chrome OS login screen.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + '0' (zero) simultaneously to set the screen resolution to the default.


Invalid or Unapproved Character Entered

Symptom: When keys are pressed, the wrong letter appears on the screen, or the student is told an invalid or unapproved character has been entered, often when using quotation marks or an apostrophe.

This happens when the student has selected an International Keyboard Layout for their Chromebook. Usually, pressing control, shift, and space simultaneously will switch between keyboard layouts, but it does not work while writing an essay in DRC Insight. Also, turning it off at the login screen by selecting US English as the keyboard layout does not switch it off in DRC Insight after the student has already logged into the test with the international keyboard on. This happens because DRC Insight saves the keyboard layout that it sees the first time it loads and doesn't check again after that.

The student needs to exit out of the test, verify the keyboard is set to US at the ChromeOS login screen, go back into DRC Insight, get to the test login screen (don't log into the test yet), click or tap inside of the username text box, and press control, shift, and space simultaneously until a little white box pops up labeled US. It should pop up over the top of the username text box. Log back into the test after that.

Something else may be wrong if you don't see the little box that says US pop op over the top of the username text box. At that point, the best thing to do is to use a different Chromebook and have the helpdesk powerwash or reset the Chromebook that isn't working.

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