Avilgilon ACC Camera Windows Setup

There is a Windows application called Avigilon Control Center that needs to be installed on your computer and a special security role required to log in to the system and view building cameras. This application only works while on a Midland Public Schools network. Here are the instructions for getting the Windows application installed and configured.

1. From Software Center on your Windows computer install the "Avigilon Control Center" application.

2. After that is installed launch the application Avigilon Control Center. 

3. Click on the "Find Site..." button.

Avigilon site login - Find Site button

4. Type "vs1.midlandps.org" into the IP Address/Hostname: box and click OK.

Find Site- IP Address/Hostname

5. On the left side you should now see "Midland" listed under search. Click on that.

6. All three checkboxes under password should be checked and then click Login

Aviligon Site Login page

You should now be able to see any cameras you have permission to view. 

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