Connecting to the Cisco VPN.

Follow these steps if you need to install the VPN software on a user's device. If Cisco AnyConnect is already installed, proceed to step 6.

1. Go to If you are using a device that is not connected to the domain, you will need to have HTTPS:// in front of the address; otherwise, you won't be able to connect to the website. 

2. Once at the website, type in your username and password and select "Download for Windows." 

3. Once the download has finished. Select the file named "anyconnect-win-4.9.06037-core-vpn-webdeploy-k9.msi" in the downloads folder located in the file explorer. 

4. The setup window will appear for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Setup Wizard". Click next, and on the next screen, accept the End-User License Agreement. Click install. 

5. Enter admin credentials if prompted; otherwise, select yes. Once the installation is finished, select the finish button. 

6. Find Cisco AnyConnect in the applications list and click on it. Enter "" without the quotes into the address field and select connect. 

7. Change the Group to MPS, have the user enter their credentials, and click OK.  

They should now be able connected to the VPN. 

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