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The instructions below will be used for setting up tablets with new employees.

At the New Employee Onboarding:

  • Press and hold the small button on the side of the device to turn it on. 
    • Press until the screen lights up and menus begin appearing. 
  • Press "start" on the beginning screen. 
  • Select "Agree to all (optional)."
  • Select "Agree" on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Wifi connection: 
    • Select the "Midland Public Schools" network.
    • Identity and password are the standard username and password for the individual being set up.
    • CA Certificate: set to "Do Not Validate"
  • Select the "Connect" button.
  • Once successfully connected, proceed to the next menu.
  • Select "Don't Copy"
  • Log the teacher in via their email with MFA once at the "Sign in" menu.
  • Agree to add your account to the device.
    • If this device has been assigned to a former staff member, you must log in again (note the string of text that says this device has been previously used).
    • Simply log in with MFA using the TechStaff account.
    • This will not affect a staff member who WAS the previous account on the device. 
  • Click accept on Google services.
  • Click Next on "keep your work apps at your fingertips.
  • The device will take time to Register their account.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The person getting set up will have to set up a PIN for logging into the device. This is for security purposes.

Side note: If prompted as far as if the device will be used for work or home. Always select strictly "Work" as this device requires this for proper registration. 

At this point, the new employee should be set with their tablet. If at any point the device fails, make sure to reset and start from the beginning by selecting the three vertical dots on the top right of the menu. The "reset" button will be visible afterward. The turnaround is usually not very long, so this is an option during the setup process. 

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