What is covered by the insurance program and what is not?

Asked by Traci Chamberlain on Tue 4/20/21 11:22 AM
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Traci Chamberlain Tue 4/20/21 11:23 AM

Covered By the District at No Cost to the Parent

If a device fails due to a manufacturing defect, normal device failure, or normal wear and tear, this would include, but is not limited to, things like a battery replacement at the end of it's life, the storage system failing due to mechanical failure, a motherboard failure due to a defect in manufacturing, these failures would be covered entirely by the district as we have been doing since the start of the 1:1 program in Fall 2015.

Covered by the Insurance

If the machine is damaged by the student accidentally that is where the insurance comes into play. This damage would include, but is not limited to, broken exterior and interior parts due to dropping, liquid damage, broken screens, keys peeled off the keyboard, and punctured/gouged trackpads.

Not Covered

Lost or damaged power adapters are not covered. Damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence is not covered.

What do repairs cost for different standard repairs?

Costs for many of the standard repairs that we conduct are included in the link below. Please note that the prices listed are merely parts which we charge at our cost. The prices do not include labor which we charge $15.00/hour with a one-hour minimum. The prices will also change as the prices the district is charged have changed frequently due to supply, demand, and tariffs.

Current repair part prices can be found here.

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