Report a Missing Device


This service allows customer to report a device as missing.  Once the device is reported missing, the Technology Department looks for the last known location of the device in an MPS building, the last user to log into the device and the device is disabled.  Once the device has been located, the device will be re-enabled by the Technology Department.


Information Required

Please provide the following information in this request form:

  • Preferred contact method

  • Preferred time frame to best contact you

  • User that the device is assigned to

  • Date that the device was last seen by the user

  • Last known location of the device before it went missing


IT Staff Responsible for Service

Level 1 Support - Help Desk

The help desk is the first step in receiving help and is responsible for the following tasks

  • Determining if the service or incident description complete enough to forward to Level 2 support if needed.
  • Escalating to Level 2 when needed.

Level 2 Support

System Engineer - Lock device until found, investigate server data for last known location and user, mark device lost in Follett



Other Information about this Service

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