Found Missing Device


This service allows customers to submit requests to have devices re-enabled after the device has been reported as lost and disabled.


Information Required

Please provide the following information in this request form:

  • Preferred contact method

  • Preferred time frame to best contact you

  • Asset tag of the device

  • Assigned user, if it is assigned

IT Staff Responsible for Service

Level 1 Support - Help Desk

The help desk is the first step in receiving help and is responsible for the following tasks

  • Determining if the service or incident description complete enough to forward to Level 2 support if needed.
  • Escalating to Level 2 when needed.

Level 2 Support

System Engineer and/or IT Administrative Assistant - Unlock device for current user



Other Information about this Service

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Service ID: 45983
Thu 10/1/20 2:26 PM
Wed 8/11/21 2:21 PM