BH-Works is recommended and paid for by the Michigan Department of Education for school districts. This system will enable us to do a great deal as it relates to MTSS, data tracking, and services provided by our Student Support Specialists. Below is a list of the components of what BH-Works will help us with:

Enter/Receive Referrals
Provide Services Virtually
Maintain Records
Exchange Secure Information
Care Coordination
Plan of Care
Consent forms
Monitor progress goals
Billing Integration
Obtain real-time data
Record student interactions for reporting

Information Required

Please provide the following information in this request form:

  • Preferred contact method
  • Preferred time frame to best contact you

IT Staff Responsible for Service

Level 1 Support - Help Desk

The help desk is the first step in receiving help and is responsible for the following tasks

  • Determining if the issue a browser, network, device, or data issue
  • How many people are affected by the problem
  • Determining if the service or incident description complete enough to forward to Level 2 support if needed
  • Escalating to Level 2 when needed

Level 2 Support

System Engineer - Advanced browser, network or device issues.

Technology and Media Curriculum Specialist - Instructional and content support.

Level 3 Support

Some problems or issues are beyond the control or knowledge of the MPS Support team and require direct support from the vendor. 

Other Information about this Service

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