How to backup a desktop or laptop to Google Drive


  • Your Midland Public Schools issued device and the files stored on it, are property of Midland Public Schools.
  • It's highly recommended that your computer be plugged into power and connected to the MPS network using a network cable. Avoid using wireless.
  • This backup process can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to several hours depending on how much data you have stored on the device.
    • Once started, do not power off the computer or disconnect it from the network.
    • If the backup process fails, you will likely need to start over.
    • Please plan accordingly.
  • If you leave your computer unattended, lock the screen by pressing the Windows logo key  + L key.
    • After locking your computer, you will need your password to unlock it.
    • The files will continue to copy while the computer is locked.
  • We highly recommend that you do not store personal or non work related files on your MPS issued device. Please use one of the many cloud based storage solutions or purchase a thumb drive for your personal files.

Backup using the Google Chrome Browser

  1. Open Google Chrome and select Drive from the App Launcher (waffle) menu.

Picture demonstrating the Google App (waffle) menu and drive icon


  1. Select + New button in the upper left and select Folder.

Picture showing the new button and the folder icon.


  1. A new folder window will open, name it Backup [current date] and Select Create.

Picture showing the new folder field.


  1. Double-Click on the newly created backup folder to open it.

Picture showing opened backup folder


  1. Open the Windows File Explorer from the Task bar.
    • Alternatively, pressing Windows Key + E keys will open File Explorer.

Picture showing opened File Explorer​​​​​​​


  1. Reposition both the File Explorer and Google Chrome windows so both can be seen.
  2. Select This PC then select the Desktop folder and drag it to the Drive Backup folder

Picture demonstrating drag and drop


  1. Repeat copying the following folders to Google Drive
    • Documents
    • Pictures
    • Videos
  2. Alternatively, we recommend you backup the following if the folders contain files related to MPS.
    • Downloads
    • Music
    • If you have created folders outside of those listed above, use the same method to backup the folders to avoid losing files or data.
  3. Verify the folders have been backed up by ensuring the upload status shows # uploads complete.

Picture showing uploads complete

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