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Pinned Article Virtual Teacher Hardware Setup

This article walks staff through setting up their virtual teaching equipment

Badge Printer Cleaning

The following printing instructions apply to HDP 5000 and GDP 5600 Card Printers.

Best Practice for Better Internet Connection

Suggestions for better Internet connections during school hours

Content Filter Troubleshooting

Questions to get information on content filter issues that a user might be having. Answering questions better the acracy of getting the problem resolved quicker.

How to backup a desktop or laptop to Google Drive

Instructions for backing up a desktop or laptop computer to Google Drive using the Chrome web browser.

How to Reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Step by step how-to for resetting staff Android tablets to factory default

How to setup the U: Drive and V: Drive from a Chromebook

Connecting for the V: Drive and U: Drive with a Chromebook

How to Upgrade Chrome OS on Your Chromebook

A step by step walkthrough of updating your Chrome OS device.

Lost Device Pin or PW on Teacher Samsung Tablets

A Help Desk Ticket needs to be placed for Lost PIN/Password for Tablets. We will have our team reset the device.

My X360 HP chromebook will not turn on.

"esc"+"refresh"+"power" then power off and back on after the screen turns on.

Sending a Fax from an MPS Computer

All staff have the ability to send faxes directly from an MPS computer without having to print anything out first. This article provides step-by-step instructions. You must be connected to the MPS network for this to work.

Using Samsung SDP860 Document Camera with HDMI

This article covers the basics of using Samsung SDP860 document camera using HDMI connections.