Badge Printer Cleaning

The following printing instructions apply to HDP 5000 and GDP 5600 Card Printers. 

Inside the Printer- Printer Platen and Card Feed Rollers 

1.    Open the Front Cover.
2.    Remove the Print Ribbon and HDP transfer film from the Printer.
3.    Insert the Alcohol Cleaning Card (D900589) into the Card Hopper's infeed rollers.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)4.    Hold the Cleaning Card in place with one hand while holding the Forward button for 10 seconds.
5.    Continue holding the cleaning card in place, and hold the Back button for 10 seconds.
6.    Feed the card through the Printer by holding the Forward button, until the card exits the Printer.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)7.    If the Printer has a Laminator unit installed, feed the Cleaning Card through the printer until holding the card at the Printer's exit. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
8.    Re-install the printing supplies and ensure the rollers are completely dry. Run a self test card to ensure the rollers are dry if needed.
9.    Close the Front Cover. Perform this procedure approximately every 3,000 prints to maintain a consistent print quality.

Clean the Printhead when changing the Print Ribbon to maintain consistent print quality. Perform this procedure after approximately every 400 prints. 

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CAUTION: Never use a sharp tool or abrasive object to clean the Printhead. Remove all jewelry prior to cleaning the Printhead . 

1.    Remove jewelry.
2.    Disconnect the Printer and Lamination Power Supply (if applicable).
3.    Open the front cover.
4.    Remove the Ribbon and Film Cartridges.
5.    Use a Printhead Cleaning Swab (squeeze to saturate the tip) from the Printer Cleaning Kit to firmly wipe back and forth across the surface of the Printhead.
Note: The printing surface is vertical and faces the left side.
6.    Reinstall the cartridges and close the cover once the Printhead is completely dry.


Replacing the Card Cleaning Roller 

IMPORTANT: Replace the Card Cleaning Tape (approximately) every time the Print Ribbon is changed. 

Single Hopper (100 card) 

Cleaning Card Roller 

1.    Remove the Card Cartridge to access the Cleaning Roller.
2.    Remove the Cleaning Roller.
3.    Replace with the new Card Cleaning Roller.

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