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We have recently switched to GoGuardian as our web filter.  With the new content filter, there might be sites that you used to visit that might be blocked as different filters categorize sites differently.  If you feel that a site should be blocked or unblocked, please fill out the Request form.

If you find that an allowed website isn't working properly, this would be considered an incident and you will need to submit a request from the Report an Incident page.

Information Required

Please provide the following information in this request form:

  • Preferred contact method

  • Preferred time frame to best contact you

  • Website URL

  • Whether the site needs to be blocked or unblocked

  • Who needs access to this site or who should not have access to this site (depending on whether you are requesting a site to be blocked or unblocked)

  • Description of why the site needs to be blocked or unblocked


IT Staff Responsible for Service

Level 1 Support - Help Desk

The help desk is the first step in receiving help and is responsible for the following tasks

  • Determining if the issue a browser, network, device, or data issue.
  • How many people are effected by the problem.
  • Determining if the service or incident description complete enough to forward to Level 2 support if needed.
  • Escalating to Level 2 when needed.

Level 2 Support

System Engineer - Advanced browser, network or device issues.

Technology and Media Curriculum Specialist - Instructional and content support.

Level 3 Support

Some problems or issues are beyond the control or knowledge of the MPS Support team and require direct support from the vendor.



Other Information about this Service

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