Reviewed Application and Hardware List


This is a list of all applications and hardware that have been reviewed; and either approved or denied. The lists of Approved Applications, Denied Applications, Approved Hardware, and Denied Hardware has been moved to a single Google Sheet Document; each list has its own tab, so pick the tab of the list you want to review - click here to access the list.  The lists are sorted by Application/Hardware name by default but feel free to sort/filter based on any of the provided columns.

As applications and hardware get requested and approved/denied, this list will continue to grow and evolve; and will be kept up to date.

To request an application not already on the approved list or to request access to an application on this list, please submit a request through our Service Catalog.

You can also use the link from the previous line to have a denied application or hardware reviewed.  Please make sure you provide a reason to why the application or hardware should be reviewed again.


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