Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Creative Cloud contains Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Spark, and all other Adobe products.  

Creative cloud and associated apps and applications are licensed for a limited number of users. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Creative Express are licensed for all users across the district.

Information Required

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IT Staff Responsible for Service

Level 1 Support - Help Desk

The help desk is the first step in receiving help and is responsible for the following tasks

  • Determining if the issue a browser, network, device, or data issue
  • How many people are affected by the problem
  • Determining if the service or incident description complete enough to forward to Level 2 support if needed
  • Escalating to Level 2 when needed

Level 2 Support

System Engineer - Advanced browser, network or device issues.

Technology and Media Curriculum Specialist - Instructional and content support.

Level 3 Support

Some problems or issues are beyond the control or knowledge of the MPS Support team and require direct support from the vendor. 

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How to install an older or specific version of an Adobe application through Creative Cloud. Instructions are written specifically for installing Photoshop 22.2 for the IB Art laptops but can apply to any Adobe app if you know what version you need.


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