Installing Older Versions of Adobe Applications

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1. Open Adobe Creative Cloud and ensure you are signed in with Google

2. Select "All apps" on the left side

3. In the case of the IB Art laptops, a newer version of Photoshop will be installed than the one we want. We will need to remove the newer version first by clicking the three dots on the right side and clicking "Uninstall". If it asks you about keeping or removing saved settings, you can choose "remove"

4. After uninstalling, you will need to scroll down past your installed applications to available applications and select the three dots next to "install" and select "other versions"

5. In the following screen you need to scroll all the way down to version 22.2 and click "install"

6. At this point Creative Cloud will download and install Photoshop and it will appear in the list of your installed apps. Creative Cloud will tell you there are updates, but you do NOT want to install those updates because none of the more recent versions currently are not working with the IB Art laptops.

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