Content Filter Troubleshooting


Questions for Client

  • Who is having issues?
  • What is the URL or Link that is having issues?
  • Is this an issue on Chromebook, Windows, or something else?
  • What happens when they try to go to the site? (Does the page partially load?, Does the page not load at all?, Is there a block page?)
  • If the page loads partially what are they doing or clicking on that makes it not work?
  • Unless this is a block page is it possible to get a screenshot or picture/video of what is happening?
  • Does the issue happen when they are on-premises or off-premises or both?
  • Are they able to get to other sites? (for example (not in proxy bypass) or (in proxy bypass)?)

Document in Ticket 
If this is for a student account test the url on this site to see if it should be blocked or not. If it is being deliberately blocked, then it needs to go through the approval process and be reviewed. If it shows that it is not purposely blocked then other troubleshooting needs to be done to see why it is not working.

All information from above questions section should be included.

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