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GoGuardian Teacher is designed to support effective teaching strategies for exploration, focus, and connection, making it easier for teachers to follow the best practices that improve learning outcomes for all students. The logic model below illustrates how GoGuardian Teacher’s features are designed to support the instructional experience and related outcomes.
Use Quick Lists to add lists of commonly used website addresses to Block Lists in GoGuardian Teacher without having to search for and add each address individually.
Chromebooks on MPS WiFi may sometimes be unable to access websites that are normally accessible. Sometimes, the problem seems to affect a random set of students each hour. At other times, it seems specific students are affected more frequently. This issue can be caused by several different problems. Therefore, there is no single solution. This article contains a growing list of troubleshooting steps to address all known problems that can cause this issue.
Questions to get information on content filter issues that a user might be having. Answering questions better the acracy of getting the problem resolved quicker.