GoGuardian - Teacher Getting Started

GoGuardian Teacher is a web-based application to allow teachers to monitor and perform some management tasks on student Chromebooks. GoGuardian Teacher uses class rosters to manage students. From the class roster, you can create smaller groups and have different settings for those groups, e.g., blocking additional websites for a short period in a scenario where you do not want the students to look at certain websites. We have already rostered your classes. 

To log in go to https://teacher.goguardian.com and click on Log in with Google.

For first-time login to GoGuardian Teacher, there are two agreements. You will need to accept them to start using the product. 

You will see after you log in that your classes will show up in a Pending status. You can click on that and approve the classes that you will be managing. The roster will be updated overnight after students have been scheduled for your classes. 

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