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Accessibility Tools

Including Kami, Google Speech to Text, The Read-Aloud Chrome Extension, and The Read-And-Write for Google Chrome Extension


With an easy-to-use LMS and integrations for all your favorite K–12 apps, Canvas helps you create a custom K–12 online learning environment to equitably scale student achievement and enact learning initiatives at every level.


Your school’s digital learning platform, one friendly place for resources, communication, and instruction. With single sign-on, everything is one click away for students, families, and educators. It works the same everywhere, so your community is remote-resilient.

Copyright, Fair Use and Intellectual Property

A collection of documents that assist educators in navigating the subjects of copyright, fair use, intellectual property and WHY it matters.

Google Meet

Instructions for Using Google Meet in Google Classroom (04/16/20)

enVision Math

New K-5 enVision® Mathematics © 2020 is the only math program that combines problem-based learning and visual learning to deepen students’ conceptual understanding. enVision is used by classrooms across the country and around the world.

Google Classroom

A free and easy tool helping educators efficiently manage and assess progress, while enhancing connections with learners from school, from home, or on the go.

Illuminate Education

Illuminate Education partners with educators to reach new levels of student performance, empowering teachers with data to serve the whole child. Our solution brings together holistic data and collaborative instructional tools, and puts them in the hands of educators


Help documents to assist in the usage of Kami, a PDF annotation extension for Chrome

Khan Academy

Access to Khan Academy using Clever

Miscellaneous Resources

A full menu of resources available to teachers from a number of sources.


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Links to popular open educational resources used at Midland Public Schools


How to use GoGuardian.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation & student response tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning.


The #1 free screen recorder for Chrome. No download required. Record, edit and share videos in seconds.

World Languages

District World Language resources

Articles (11)

Elementary Canvas and Synergy District PD Slides 8-15-22

Elementary Canvas and Synergy District PD Slides 8-15-22

How to Install Reflector 4 (Link)

How to install Reflector 4 - Mirroring application

How to set up a Swivl Robot with an Adroid or iOS device (Video)

How to set up a Swivl Robot with an Adroid or iOs device

How to set up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Link)

How to set up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

How to submit an emergency ticket

The step by step rundown on how Emergency tickets operate along with when and how to submit them.

Internet Safety for Students and Compliance

Tips on selecting websites, apps, extensions, etc. taking into consideration privacy policies, permissions and laws governing the collection and sharing of information and compliance with such.

Movie Licensing Information

Movie licensing information, copyright information for showing movies at a school function and procedures for showing a movie at a school outdoor event.

New employee device setup instructions.

The step-by-step instructions for any help desk technician on how to set up a new employee's laptop.