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This is a list of all the applications, websites, and hardware approved and denied for MPS use.

Adding a TDMobile Button to Your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone Device

An instructional document that walks you through how to add TeamDynamix Mobile (TDMobile) to an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone.

Default Employee Filter in Time Clock Plus

How to set the Default Employee Filter in Time Clock Plus

GoGuardian - Parent Getting Started

GoGuardian Parent provides parents more insight into their student's online behavior and more control over their tech usage outside of school.

GoGuardian - Teacher Getting Started

GoGuardian Teacher is designed to support effective teaching strategies for exploration, focus, and connection, making it easier for teachers to follow the best practices that improve learning outcomes for all students. The logic model below illustrates how GoGuardian Teacher’s features are designed to support the instructional experience and related outcomes.

GoGuardian - Teacher Support

GoGuardian Teacher support links.

Google Drive for Desktop Information

Google Drive for Desktop allows you to access your Google Drive files through a drive letter on your computer, instead of going to

Google Form Block File Upload for External sites

Google form not allowing me to upload or submit something externally with a file upload.

How do I install Microsoft Office on my personal PC or Mac using home-use rights?

This article shows how to download and install Microsoft Office at home.

How to Clear Your Cache in Google Chrome

This article walks one through clearing the browser cache in Google Chrome.

How to Reset Chrome Settings

Step by step guide to reset chrome settings to default, which can sometimes resolve issues with websites including Canvas, Synergy, and others. This applies to Chromebooks and Windows computers and does NOT delete any bookmarks.

Installing Older Versions of Adobe Applications

How to install an older or specific version of an Adobe application through Creative Cloud. Instructions are written specifically for installing Photoshop 22.2 for the IB Art laptops but can apply to any Adobe app if you know what version you need.

Introduction to the Team Dynamix Knowledge Base (video)

In this 2 minute video introduction to the Team Dynamix Knowledge Base, Laura Peil shows how to find information in the Knowledge Base, what KBAs are, and how to leave feedback or suggest your own KBA.

PlaySignage - Assign a Playlist to a Screen

This will tell you how to add and make schedules for a sign.

PlaySignage - Playlist using Google Slides

Here is how to create a Playlist that adds Google Slides.

QuickBooks for Education

Provides links to sign up for QuickBooks Online or to request a license for QuickBooks Desktop.

Rostering to Khan Academy

How to import Google Classroom roster to Khan Academy.

Setting up a Work Profile on a Personal Android device

This article instructs in how to install the Google Work Profile on one's mobile device. This does not in any way grant the district access to your personal information on your device. It is an app that keeps your personal and work data separate and allows the district to distribute work apps and protect district data.