Using Quick Lists in GoGuardian Teacher

What is a Quick List?

Quick Lists allow you to add large lists of website addresses to a GoGuardian Scene by clicking a single check box instead of adding them individually. As an example, we have added a YouTube list with all known addresses for YouTube. If you only block, you are missing, and all other language suffixes,, and many more. There are over one hundred addresses for YouTube alone, so this is a perfect use case for a Quick List.

Using District-provided Quick Lists

1. Go to and click Create List under Blocked Websites List.

NOTE: Allowed Websites Lists are only helpful for making exceptions to your Blocked Websites Lists. They cannot override admin-level block lists, only your own block lists. For this reason, most teachers will generally not need Allowed Websites Lists.



2. Give your block list a name and click next.



3. Click on Quick Lists under More Options.



4. Select the desired Quick List and click Add to Scene.



5. Click on Save.



6. Apply the Scene to a Classroom Session. You can find instructions for this by following the Help Center link below.


Creating a Quick List

You can create your own Quick Lists to reuse them in multiple block lists easily. Follow steps 1-3 above to get to the following screen.



NOTE: Only a district admin can share a Quick List with the district. If you want to see other district-level Quick Lists added, please open a ticket with the help desk with a list of the websites that should be added.


Official Help Center Link

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